Saturday, January 22, 2011


Well, if you forgot what I looked like in the virtual world, I'm back...only in different form.  I'm hoping blogging won't overtake my life like Facebook.  If so, it's quite possible this page will get deleted as well. :)  I'm not real sure what blogging is all about, but I've read many, and have come to the conclusion that I will not be near as thought-provoking.  So, if you've come to learn about the most, amazing theological book I just read or the 12 steps to a happy life, you're in the wrong place.  Mostly you'll probably acquire that my life is hectic & unorganized.  I usually have a messy house, but choose to enjoy it, because I know someday I'll miss the 1 year old whom messed it up.  Laundry day usually turns into 5 and sometimes I'll go 2 weeks without even making it to the grocery.  But after days or weeks like that, I'm reminded of my ever-patient husband and most importantly, my ever-patient Father.  Nothing has taught me more about the grace of God than having a child of my own.  So, when life continues to go NOT as planned, I will rejoice, because I know, this season will end all too soon.  And now, I will enjoy the craziness....and that's only life with ONE! :)

**Wait, was that thought-provoking? :)

Because I think blogs are boring with no pictures, I've added a few of Deacon's first birthday.  Yes, I said FIRST!  There are no tears.

Birthday Boy.

Lots and lots of help opening gifts.
Deacon's Birthday buddy, Tanner Long.
Deacon's 1 year pictures.
Deacon was supposed to have a guitar cake.  You can see how well that turned out....a phone call was made to Wal-Mart bakery the night before the party. :)
Sweet, sweet Cooper Mack.
He really likes his new ball.
At first he wasn't real sure about his cake, but it didn't take him very long.

Chocolate Smiles.


  1. I miss you!! Let's get together soon. I'll call you. It was so nice reading the blog. I can't believe how big Deacon is.

  2. Well, first I have to say...your opening paragraph...well, was thought provoking actually :) tee hee. I am so glad that you created a blog. Now I can keep up on you and your little family (until walking season anyway!) Love Deacon's 1 yr pics! Who took them? The party looked like fun (I could NOT have made a guitar cake either!) xxhugsxx

  3. welcome to the blogging world! your amibitions sound like escape the facebook world, yet have a way to share the tidbits of our life to those who are interested! ;) Thought provoking or not, i find reading blogs written especially by young moms, are encouraging just to hear them going through the same things you are! xoxo

  4. Yay! Another blog to read! Happy birthday Deacon Maxwell! I organized Tanners newborn clothes today. I was saying no tears no tears!! I Can't believe they are 1.