Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Poxy Lady

We have now officially hit the "fun" parts of parenting.  I took Nora to the doctor this morning for a rash and they deemed it chicken pox.  Now the fun begins!!  At least we only have 2 little ones to pass this around.  

Just starting.  This was before we knew what it was.

Getting a little worse.

Now in full swing!

Thankfully she hasn't acted like they're bothering her much.  She's been a trooper.  I'm more worried about her brother, when he gets them.  Has anybody else been through this?  I'm curious as to what you can do for them to help ease the itching.  She doesn't seemed bothered by this, but I'm preparing for Deacon.  I did stick her in an oatmeal bath, but that's the only idea I've had.  I would love other suggestions!
For those of you who are thinking, "that's not chicken pox," I thought the same thing.  They don't really look like the normal virus.  The doctor told me that chicken pox are changing their looks some due to the chicken pox vaccine.  Apparently the strain she got is a tad different.
For anybody interested in a "chicken pox" party, come on over.  We're here for 3 weeks....and then an additional 3 when Deacon gets them.  It's going to be a fun summer. :)

Blessing me.

This past Monday was my 28th birthday. Crazy, I know.  Realizing that in 2 years I'll be 30, makes me feel ooooold.  Anyways, off of that tangent. :)  Some very dear friends got together and made a yummy lunch and we spent the afternoon changing diapers, keeping little ones from crawling off of the porch, holding screaming children, trying to get sleepy ones down for naps.  The list could go on, but the most important part of the day was catching up with my dear friends.  It's not like it used to be where we can sit and chat with no distractions; however, it's perfect the way it is.  It was a great day!  They bless me by just being a friend. 


Everybody elses children wouldn't pay attention.;)

but then she did this.. :)

Best of buds.  Usually Deacon is such a loner, but he attached really quickly to Mili.

Sweet friends.

This was a hit!

I love how this photo shows how much fun they're having.

...this one too!

Only 2 months apart.

There was a butterfly in there...I wasn't quick enough to snap that picture, but still loved this.

A ceremony

A few weeks ago I was talking to Deacon & I asked him if he would like to send his paci to Ghulap. (A girl we sponsor in India.  She's 14, she wouldn't want it, but it was a good excuse.)  He said, "yes."  For those of you who know Deacon, know that he has been attached to his paci since the day he was born.  With God's grace, Deacon is doing great!  We had a little ceremony to help him realize that they were going away forever.  We wrapped them all up in an envelope and stuck them in the mailbox.  When he asks for a paci, we ask him where we sent them.  He always answers, "Ghulap!" 

seriously...are my kids ever dressed? :)

all packed up and ready to go.

To make getting rid of the pacis even more exciting, a couple of days later there was a package on our front porch addressed to Deacon from Ghulap (Ghulap being Brent's mom :) )  A note was attached saying:
Dear Deacon,
Thank you so much for the pacis you sent me.  I can really use them!  You area  very special "big boy" and God loves you very much!
Thank you Deacon!
Love from Ghulap.
Inside the package were some animal crackers.  That's been pretty exciting around here!!

Fun Things

I haven't posted in f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  Usually when I have a free moment, I like to spend it doing absolutely nothing.  Am I the only one?  Here is a look at our life for the past several months.
Daddy likes to teach him good things.

One very hot Saturday, we filled up the pool.  The two littles had lots of fun!

Splish splashing.

Watermelon is goooood.

Sweet girl is 9 months already!

Sleepy boys.

Went to Jumpy's for Brandt's birthday party.

Celebrated daddy's birthday.  Brent is not a big lover of gifts, so we did the best thing we could think of.  Snacks!

A Sunday at my brother and his family's house.

Being a good big brother.

I took Deacon for a walk.  After a long day of having fun and playing hard, this is what he was doing when we made it back.

She thinks she's big.

Growing faster

I've always heard that your second child seems like they grow faster.  Nora is no exception.  She is doing things that I thought took Deacon forever to achieve. :)

Not sure that this is a milestone to be proud of, but girl sure has some skill.

Oh the messes.

Already driving.

Looking back at the pictures, some of you probably wonder if my kids are ever dressed decent. :)  I assure you they are....sometimes when we leave the house. ;)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

For somebody I don't even know...

A few months ago I came across a blog dedicated to a sweet girl named Lucy.  She was diagnosed in February 2011 with a rare form of cancer.  Just yesterday, her mom posted something that broke my heart.  Sweet Lucy is not going to beat this battle.  Please join me in praying for Lucy (that there would be no suffering) and for her family.  This is what I love about the family of God.  I've never met this family nor do I know anybody who knows her, who knows her, who knows her (you get the point), but no matter what, we can still life them up.