Friday, April 13, 2012

Hair Cut

We decided a week ago, that it was time for Deacon's summer style.  This hair cut made me sad, even more than his first.  I loved his hair, but we both agreed it was time for a cooler temp cut.

The before picture.  Love those curls!!
Standing really still for daddy.  

Watching the hair fall into the sink.

Finally had to give him some entertainment.  Watching videos on daddy's phone.

The after.  He looks like such a big boy now!! 

Evolution of a fireplace

We've been married 6 1/2 years & never really figured out what to do with our fireplace.  Looking back at pictures, I realized my decorating skills are rather embarrassing.  :)  

Right after we were married, our Shrek Green living room & boring fireplace.

After getting tired of the green, we went with a baby blue (and I mean baby blue!) which lasted a whopping 2 months.  It was rather hideous. 

After some decorating searching by my husband on what to do with a non-working fireplace, here is the start of the remodel.  

Paint the back of the fireplace black.

Insert cut wood & finish decorating the top of the mantle.  The best to date, in my opinion!  I have to give my husband all of the credit for this!  I am somebody that decorates and even if it doesn't look great, it stays that way.  Two kids probably contributes to this laziness.