Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reflections of the past and a tiny glimpse into the future.

February 8th came & went, but it didn't go by without some serious reflections.  You see, that day marked the one year anniversary of our move to Minnesota.  It's crazy that it's been that long.  When I think back, I can still feel that same fear and hear those same questions that went through my brain. 
 Some may call this lack of faith. :)

How were we going to handle being12 hours from family with a 3 week old baby?
  How was I going to survive without family close?  
Can we raise this baby, literally, on our own?
Will we survive a Minnesota winter?
Can I handle this much CHANGE?

I wish I could say those were all of my questions that I kept asking the Lord, but I know there were lots, lots, lots more.  We have had an incredible year of lots of changes.  It all started with finding out we were pregnant, then finding a new church and finally the job situation.  God reminded me daily, even among all of my doubts, that He is Faithful and through Him I find courage.

Now for the glimpse into the future.  I'll let Deacon show you.
Yes, that says "Big Bro."  It's true.  Baby #2 will arrive around October 2nd.  This was planned ONLY by the good Lord himself.  We had nothing to do with this decision....absolutely nothing. 
 So now, the questions start again. :)

How am I going to take care of TWO kids?
How do you function from lack of sleep?
Can I get through this pregnancy and still take care of a 1 year old?  

...and on and on and on and on they come.  I'm always reminded that God is Faithful and it is only by His Grace that I survive my everyday anyways.  So, as I look to the future, I can only trust that He will give me the daily dose of Grace that I need.  


  1. It is always easier to look at other people's situations and say...."it is going to be SO okay!"...But, from experience I say, "it is going to be SO GREAT!". I was right there with you just a few short months ago. Only, it was a bit more PLANNED on our part that we have two close in age. It has definitely had its trials so far, but there is SUCH a BIG blessing in watching Rider love on his little brother! I simply can't wait to watch Cutler love on Rider one day! It seems like a big hurdle with sleep deprivation, chaos, and the famous question everyone asks ="am I going to have enough love to go around?".....but it is so fun and GOD definitely gets you through each day....I speak from experience. Truth is, it is worth the lack of sleepand "self" time. (I know you already know this, so this is just a reminder:))

    I love you, friend and will be praying for a healthy little sweetheart! xx

  2. Well first, i didn't know you we're living in minnesota! and second..."with GOD, all things are possible!" ;) Congratulations! Keep trusting, and He is faithful to those that call on HIM!!

  3. AW....Laura! Congratulations!!
    Nat shared the exciting, if surprising news with me! Praying for you, and from my ripe old age of 40-something, I'm cheering for you all the way! There are certainly scarier 'surprises' than a God planned baby, huh?

  4. Melissa-sorry for the vagueness of my post. We lived in Minnesota for 5 months, but we are back home now. :) I was just reminiscing of moving day. Thanks to you all. Your encouragement means the world.

  5. I'm praying for you Laura. And I'm excited for your sweet bebe. Praying that Jesus will carry you through each day.

  6. every day i am so glad that beck & greer are close in age (19.5 mon). they do just about everything together. funny how i can barely remember the first days - i'm sure it was challenging but it has been so worth it! you'll be just fine. :)

  7. Congratulations! Sounds like you are on the right track focusing on God's every morning and it never ends! PTL!

  8. Just thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. I'm doing a 30 day photo challenge and today is a picture of a person who inspires you. To me, that person is you. You are an inspiration to be a better person and to learn more about God and my walk with Him. Thank you for being an inspiration and a great friend. I hope that you're doing well!!

  9. I must say... Congratulations!! :) I just happened to see Lisa's Girly news and decided to check your blog to find out your good news too! Never will He leave us and he is ready and willing to hear and listen to our fears...then to set us at ease with His perfect peace. Cheers to you both. Kim Rumble

  10. Congratulations! :) So excited for you guys! I love both of my little men and although it is crazy at times, I can not imagine life without them! God is so very good and gracious! :)