Monday, June 20, 2011

Standing Out In A Crowd

Notice anything?

Here....let me show you.

Still can't see?  Okay.  Let me zoom in. :)

I am super excited about a girl, but let me tell you, shopping for one is OVERWHELMING.  I'm used to jeans, shorts & t-shirts. :)  There are so many options for this little one.  As much as I could have bought when we went shopping Saturday, I walked away with 3 things, b/c there were too many things to choose from.  Oh, how I'm loving the pink though!


  1. I agree about the overwhelming! :D

  2. I was just in target this morning exclaiming how cute their girl stuff is...i have a hard time resisting it and i don't even have girls!! lol!!

    Congrats, so exciting!!

  3. Oh my. Cody has already told me that he knows if we ever have a girl I'm going to go crazy. I find it hard to resist all the ruffles and pink!

  4. When we thought (er, the doctor and I thought) we were having a girl (was only a girl for 6 weeks...what?)......I was SO overwhelmed as well! I was glad when we found out the doc was wrong and that it was a boy. YAY for easy peasy outfitting again :)

    Frantz Featherings- was was there today and wanted to buy all kinds of things...(maybe one day??)