Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meet Nora

We have begun our adjustment of life with two.  Thankfully, it's been easier than I thought it was going to be.  Deacon has been wonderful!  I was always one that wanted at least a 2 year age gap between our children, but God had other plans.  I'm definitely seeing the advantage of having them close together, because Deacon couldn't care less about her.  It's like she's just a new piece of furniture. :)  

Nora has been a great baby so far.  I hate to brag too soon, because you never know when the switch is going to flip, but she's been sleeping like a trooper.  

sweet, sweet baby.

Hanging out in the hospital.

We could have went home a day early, but I wanted to take advantage of being in the hospital.  I'm not like most people....I actually enjoy being in the hospital!

Flowers for Nora & I from Brent.

Ready to go home!

All packed & ready.

daddy's arms.

Peaceful baby.

Kisses from brother.
I'm feeling great & counting my blessings that labor is OVER!  Brent went back to work on Wednesday & I was a tad nervous about that, but my mom came over & helped, which made it easier.  We were out of the house by 11 today....I was wondering if I was going to be able to do that. :)  I wouldn't change a thing.  We are so thankful that she's finally here!!


  1. yay! so glad things are going well so far. that does remind me of how it was with beck - he didn't really seem to notice that things were different. of course it helps when the new baby is a good baby, too. :) she's adorable -i love her dark hair!

  2. So sweet! Congratulations! How fun to have a girl :) Blessings on your family!

  3. She is such a cutie pie! I love those cheeks. I need to come snuggle her again!!

  4. found your blog tonight and loved seeing the pics of Nora. Her hair reminds me of Mia and yes lots of people were always touching and greasing hers up too =) BTW... I love the hosp too... it's like a vacation for me!! Glad you are enjoying your new little one!