Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Real Life

Just last week I was reading some blogs & became very discouraged.  That overwhelming feeling of "not living up" came creeping up on me.  Seeing pictures of amazing photo shoots, mom's having fun parties for their kids and on and on The Betrayer was feeding me lie up on lie.  This post is to show that we are normal. :)  My kids stay in their jammies some days, all day, after Deacon wakes up from his nap, it takes me forever to put pants back on him, somedays, lunch isn't cleaned up until just before supper, toys usually don't get cleaned up until right before bedtime.  Yes, this is our real life and I'm okay with that.  Someday there will be time for parties and photo shoots, but for now, I'll enjoy the chaos and mess.  At least for today. :)  Tell me, what's your real life?
First and last bath together!
I believe this was after supper...why not wait to put pants on until it's time to put on jammies. :)

Most days we eat lunch at the counter in mismatched clothes :)

Jammies day.


  1. If I don't have anywhere to go...no one including me gets dressed...cobwebs and dust bunnies galore in my house...dont you love being normal though? It means we are blessed!

  2. well....my life is just. like. this! I think this is most mommas' "normal" :) livin it and lovin it!

  3. Some days I try to stay on top of the chaos, and I wear myself out, plus it puts me in a bad mood because I can't seem to accomlish anything else! :) Thanks for the "real-life" blog post! I think I need to do this too...

  4. If you would come to my house any given Saturday or Sunday it would look exactly the same. The only reason we get dressed every day is because I think the office and the school would frown upon jammie day everyday! You are what life is supposed to be like. You are supposed to enjoy these moments, because before you know it, they will be distant memories. Treasure each and every no pants or jammy day!