Friday, April 13, 2012

Evolution of a fireplace

We've been married 6 1/2 years & never really figured out what to do with our fireplace.  Looking back at pictures, I realized my decorating skills are rather embarrassing.  :)  

Right after we were married, our Shrek Green living room & boring fireplace.

After getting tired of the green, we went with a baby blue (and I mean baby blue!) which lasted a whopping 2 months.  It was rather hideous. 

After some decorating searching by my husband on what to do with a non-working fireplace, here is the start of the remodel.  

Paint the back of the fireplace black.

Insert cut wood & finish decorating the top of the mantle.  The best to date, in my opinion!  I have to give my husband all of the credit for this!  I am somebody that decorates and even if it doesn't look great, it stays that way.  Two kids probably contributes to this laziness.  


  1. CUTE!!! I love the wood in it.

  2. I love it! Maybe we should stop in and see it sometime in person! ;)

  3. That is way cute! I love the logs in fireplaces like that. And your mantel looks wonderful:)