Sunday, September 30, 2012

Columbus Zoo

It's funny.  I've always thought that hibernation occurred in the winter.  Well, for us, it occurs in the summer & winter.  The last month has been beautiful and we are enjoying the outdoors!  Over the weekend we enjoyed a full day at the zoo.  It wasn't just the kids that were exhausted, Brent & I were so tired, but the joy on the kids faces was beyond worth it.
The petting zoo was a hit!

He had so much fun-so did I!

These statues were so much fun for the kids....almost more fun than seeing the real animals.

Girls getting her walk on...

I'm so proud of him.  He's becoming the sweet, protective big brother.  Amazing to see him blossom.

Brent & I were both a little freaked out by Deacon being so close to a bear....even with a giant glass window.

One of Deac's favorites...the "kolar" bears.

A fun picnic lunch.

Sister loved her potato chips.

Very excited to ride the carousel.

...she however was not.

This was so sweet.  A 2 month old baby monkey.

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  1. So neat! What a fun day with family! Kids look like they were having a blast. The monkey's look fake!