Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Poxy Lady

We have now officially hit the "fun" parts of parenting.  I took Nora to the doctor this morning for a rash and they deemed it chicken pox.  Now the fun begins!!  At least we only have 2 little ones to pass this around.  

Just starting.  This was before we knew what it was.

Getting a little worse.

Now in full swing!

Thankfully she hasn't acted like they're bothering her much.  She's been a trooper.  I'm more worried about her brother, when he gets them.  Has anybody else been through this?  I'm curious as to what you can do for them to help ease the itching.  She doesn't seemed bothered by this, but I'm preparing for Deacon.  I did stick her in an oatmeal bath, but that's the only idea I've had.  I would love other suggestions!
For those of you who are thinking, "that's not chicken pox," I thought the same thing.  They don't really look like the normal virus.  The doctor told me that chicken pox are changing their looks some due to the chicken pox vaccine.  Apparently the strain she got is a tad different.
For anybody interested in a "chicken pox" party, come on over.  We're here for 3 weeks....and then an additional 3 when Deacon gets them.  It's going to be a fun summer. :)


  1. I might have to come over... our oldest had them a few years ago and none of the others have. But chicken pox x 4 kids??? Sounds horrible. No advice on the itching. L got by with out too much trouble!

  2. Still watching Caroline, nothing yet. Oh, summer fun!! (Ok, done commenting on everything!)

  3. Oh man. If it was winter time I would so be over there! But home for 3 weeks per kid? Bummer in the summertime! I've heard mixed opinions about babies getting them. Glad they haven't been too much of an issue for Nora!