Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A ceremony

A few weeks ago I was talking to Deacon & I asked him if he would like to send his paci to Ghulap. (A girl we sponsor in India.  She's 14, she wouldn't want it, but it was a good excuse.)  He said, "yes."  For those of you who know Deacon, know that he has been attached to his paci since the day he was born.  With God's grace, Deacon is doing great!  We had a little ceremony to help him realize that they were going away forever.  We wrapped them all up in an envelope and stuck them in the mailbox.  When he asks for a paci, we ask him where we sent them.  He always answers, "Ghulap!" 

seriously...are my kids ever dressed? :)

all packed up and ready to go.

To make getting rid of the pacis even more exciting, a couple of days later there was a package on our front porch addressed to Deacon from Ghulap (Ghulap being Brent's mom :) )  A note was attached saying:
Dear Deacon,
Thank you so much for the pacis you sent me.  I can really use them!  You area  very special "big boy" and God loves you very much!
Thank you Deacon!
Love from Ghulap.
Inside the package were some animal crackers.  That's been pretty exciting around here!!


  1. Still think this is so sweet! (and Deacon outfit is perfectly adorable) :)